As a Digital Nomad access to reliable High Speed Internet is a must if you truly want to be able to live and work effectively while on the road.

The dream of living out of the RV was finally happening. I was heading down to the Texas coast (Rockport/Fulton) for 2 months to get out of the Austin cedar allergy season and to be closer the beach.

Eeek we are going to officially be "Winter Texans"!

This was meant to be a trail run for our goal to be living in our RV full time by 2020.

It’s the day after Christmas in 2018 and I was about to jump on a zoom conference call for the first time with my team since we arrived at the RV Park as we had some really big goals in front ahead of us to close out the year.

And there I was frozen on my laptop screen ...

The RV parks' WIFI was not going to be sufficient. Shoot the signal was too low.

I immediately turned on my AT&T Hotspot on my cellphone and tethered my laptop to it. This could only be a temporary fix as we didn’t have unlimited data for tethering.

You might think you have unlimited data on your phone this is not the same thing mobile hotspot data. As soon as you hotspot your phone to another device your provider often limits your tethering speed and/or data. Most cell providers will provide customers with 15GB of mobile hotspot usage before a kbps limit kicks in.

I need to figure out how to work effectively while on the road ... like ASAP.

I am so grateful that my husband Ryan is a genius at these types of things. The next thing I know he is at the RV park with the truckload full of gadgets.

The initial set up cost us a little under $1.6 k then runs around $65/mo depending on which Mobile Hotspot we activate (Verizon Jetpack or Netgear Nighthawk).

The most expensive part was the weBoost cell phone booster. You may or may not need this depending on where you plan to travel – we like remote areas. Its also super helpful to maintain consistent cell coverage while driving.

Here is what we ended up purchasing for GENERAL TRAVEL:

1. Verizon MiFI Jetpack Hotspot - $200 + Monthly Plan Rate

This is a prepaid, truly unlimited personal hotspot that runs around $70/mo. Discounts are available for autopay reducing the cost to $65/mo. WORTH EVERY PENNY. I bring this with me where ever I go whether its in the RV or when I am flying to a destination.

Verizon Jetpack

2. Netgear Nighthawk Mobile Hotspot/Router - $349.99 + Monthly Plan Rate

I have also have this Mobile Hotspot with me at all times. Depending on where we are in the country/world, I will activate the sim card that gets the best signal/coverage in the area. Can connect up to 20 devices. Note this Mobile Hotspot only works with with AT&T and T-Mobile and not with Verizon. Which why I carry both the Verizon Jetpack and Netgear Hotspot.

Netgear Nighthawk

3. weBoost Car Cell Phone Signal Booster (Drive X) - $399.99

There is nothing worse than dropping an important business call while driving on the road. This cell phone signal booster allows me to get full bars where I would normally get one. Works with Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint.

weBoost Drive X

Here is what we ended up purchasing for RV TRAVEL:

4. weBoost RV/Motorhome Cell Signal Booster (Drive X RV) - $499.99

There is nothing worse than pulling up into the RV spot at a state or national park only to find that the cell phone signal too week to make an important business call. This cell phone signal booster allows me to get full bars where I would normally get one. Works with Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint. 

weBoost Drive X RV

5. Winegard ConnecT 2.0 WF2 (WF2-335) Wi-Fi Extender for RVs - $189

Designed for mobile environment, the long-range, high-performance ConnecT 2.0 WF2 for RVs captures and re-broadcasts available Wi-Fi signals to all devices in and around your RV — from phones and tablets to laptops and video streaming devices like gaming consoles, Apple TV, and Roku (sold separately).

This allows you to pick up a wifi signal from father away. We connected this extender to our Verizon Jetpack or Netgear Nighthawk mobile hotspot so we could work outside and up to 200 ft away from our RV - think hammock.

Winegard ConnecT RV Wi-Fi Extender

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I hope these tech tips and tools help you live YOUR dream life on the road!

Much Aloha!

~ Jess

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