29 12, 2019

The Benefits Of Probiotics Are Strain Related

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In this episode I am going to help you understand how the benefits of probiotics are strain related.Perhaps you've heard of the saying "all disease starts in the gut." Perhaps you've also heard that taking a "good" probiotic is essential to optimal gut health.So there you find yourself ... aimlessly wandering the supplement isle.Not knowing exactly what you [...]

4 09, 2019

How To Reduce Anxiety And Depression Naturally Through Rebalancing The Gut

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In this episode I will teach you how to reduce anxiety and depression naturally through rebalancing the gut.Did you know that anxiety and depression originates from the 2nd brain, the gut?This was new information to me 3 years ago and when I finally stopped to understand it, it completely changed my life.Up until that point, I [...]