Benefits of Probiotics Are Strain Related

In this episode I am going to help you understand how the benefits of probiotics are strain related.

Perhaps you've heard of the saying "all disease starts in the gut." 

Perhaps you've also heard that taking a "good" probiotic is essential to optimal gut health.

So there you find yourself ... aimlessly wandering the supplement isle.

Not knowing exactly what you are looking for or how to differentiate between a good and sub-par brands of probiotics.  Refrigerated or non-refrigerated?

SO you land on the brand that is mid price point and hope you didn't just waste your money not realizing that its imperative to match the probiotic strain to the corresponding health condition you are trying to address. 

Think of it this way … you wouldn’t go into Home Depot to buy a tool without knowing what kind of project are you trying to tackle, right? Painting, plumbing, electric, gardening, framing, dry walling? Well, the same holds true for probiotics. You should always match the probiotic strain to the corresponding health condition you are trying to address. 

For example, if you are looking to address anxiety or depression you probably don't want to purchase the strain that has been shown to improve diarrhea. Just saying ...

When I finally stopped to understand this I was like WHOA!

Light bulb moment

I had no idea what strains of probiotics I was taking all these years.

In all transparency, 4 years ago my health took a complete nose dive. I was coming up on 40 and thought to myself, this must be what everyone is referring to. If my symptoms hadn’t reached the tipping point they did, I might have just accepted it as my new "normal" and frankly, suboptimal health state.

I was experiencing the sudden onset of a myriad of mystery health symptoms. Things like memory loss, word recall, trouble completing a thought or a task, anxiety, fatigue and insomnia despite being tired all the time and was at my heaviest weigh ever (and I coach on weight loss embarrassingly enough).

I spent 3 years and thousands of $$$ of going down endless rabbit holes - think hypothyroidism, adrenal fatigue, hormone balancing, cognitive repair etc trying to figure out what was wrong with me.

 And then, just as I was about to give up hope and go on "meds" the world of gut microbiome and gut-brain axis was divinely put in my path.

I now feel morally called to share what I've learned with others who are experiencing mystery health symptoms because I truly believe that if this was the missing link for me, then most likely its the missing link for you too.

Understanding that the benefits of probiotics are strain related changed the course of my life and it can do the same for you.

In this episode you will learn:

  • How the benefits of probiotics are strain related (always match the "pain" to the "strain")

  • Which strains of probiotics are shown to improve mental health

     (anxiety, depression and stress)

  • Which strains of probiotics are shown to improve digestive health

  • The importance of the matching probiotic strain with the correct prebiotic fiber

  • The importance of phytobiotics

And how doing so will help you get your health back on the right tract!

Before you read further, I want you to ask yourself, what health conditions am I looking to improve by adding a probiotic to my daily routine? I always recommend that my clients follow the steps outlined in My Top 5 Hacks (link above):


Understanding the how the benefits of probiotics are strain related

Most probiotics on the market provide information on the nutrition label about the genus and species of the bacteria, but they don’t pay as much attention to the strain.

Genus -> Species -> Strain should be included on the nutrition label for you to know what benefit you are actually getting from it.

For years I took a probiotic that was marketed towards improving digestive health that noted the Genus -> Species of on the label but was missing the actual Strain:

Lactobacillus (genus) Acidophilus (species)
Bifidobacterium (genus) Longum (species)

Well guess what? There is more than 1 strain of Bifidobacterium Longum:

1. RO175 which is linked to stress, anxiety and cognitive function
2. BI-05 which is linked to gastrointestinal discomfort and inflammation

The strain I was taking all those years was most likely Bifidobacterium Longum BI-05 since it was marketed as improving digestive health.

Good, but not targeted in the slightest.

The Genus Species Strain Of Probiotics

Probiotic strains shown to improve mental health

Note: these 3 probiotics strains ARE strong enough to endure stomach acid.

Lactobaciluus helveticus R0052

Decreases neuro-inflammation, improves serotonin metabolism, decreases anxiety, restores cognitive function, reduces inflammation, mediates serotonergic transmission – possibly eliciting anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) and antidepressant responses.

Bifidobacterium longum R0175

Decreases stress response, facilitates antidepressant responses, decreases anxiety, and enhances cognitive function.

Lactobacillus rhamnosus R0011

Reduces anxiety and depression, improves GABA neurotransmission (via the Vagus nerve).


Probiotics strains shown to improve overall digestive health

Note: these probiotic strains ARE NOT strong enough to survive stomach acid and therefore need to be taken in a acid resistant casing.

Bifidobacterium bifidum Bb-06

Maintains microflora balance by producing lactic acid and acetic acid to compete with “bad” bacteria (Staph, aureus, E. Coli, Camplylobacter jejuni etc). 

Bifidobacterium longum Bl-05

Highly resistant to low pH and bile salts and is well-suited to the intestinal environment to help reduce inflammation. Helps reduce gastrointestinal discomfort caused by stress.

Lactobacillius acidophilus La-14

Ferments carbohydrates to lactic acid, which competes with “bad” bacteria for adhesion spaces on the intestinal mucosa. Increases mineral absorption and bio-availability (incl copper, magnesium, calcium and manganese).

Lactobacillus casei LC-11

Wide ranging benefits for improved digestion, reduced cholesterol, modulation of inflammation and allergies.

Lactobacillus rhamnosus Lr-32

Promotes general GI health and function especially to support occasional diarrhea and constipation after probiotic treatment.


How to match the Probiotic Strain to the correct Prebiotic Fiber

Its imperative to understand that the living bacteria (probiotic) needs to be matched with its preferred food source (prebiotic fiber) in order for the bacteria to be able live and flourish.

Think of it this way ... you wouldn't feed steak to an elephant, who's an herbivore right? Same goes for feeding grass to a lion, a carnivore, who's preferred food source is meat. 

Here is a quick reference guide on how to match probiotics to their correct food source, prebiotics:

How to match probiotics to prebiotics

The benefits of Phytobiotics 

Phytobiotic foods are foods and plant compounds rich in flavonoids, which protect good bacteria and establish a hospitable environment for the growth of good and displacement of bad bacteria.

My recommended correctly matched

probiotics + prebiotics + phytobiotics 

to improve mental health (anxiety, depression, stress)

Amare Mentabiotics probiotics for mental health

My recommended correctly matched

probiotics + prebiotics 

to improve overall digestive health (constipation, diarrhea inflammation, mineral absorption, immune system)

Amare Probiotics for digestive health

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Assessment of psychotropic-like properties of a probiotic formulation:

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